Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Martin Hyman worked with Small and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs), over a 5 Year Period (from 2003 to 2008), helping them achieve realistic and sustainable business improvement, during a period of rapid Globalisation and change within the Aerospace Industry, through a Business Link Contract, under a Regional Development Agency funded Cluster Development Programme.

Herewith a selection of their comments, provided at the close of this successful project:-

“Martin Hyman helped Airframe Designs LTD to think more laterally in securing investment for engineering software and in winning new business. Sometimes it is necessary to allow others to listen to your business strategy in order to get constructive feedback on how you might introduce improvements.”
Jerrod Hartley
Consultant Engineer
Airframe Designs Limited

“Martin demonstrated a great understanding of the aviation sector in our discussions and tremendous professionalism in our dealings at all times. Airport Footprints has benefitted from the enthusiasm and support Martin has shown throughout the time he has been available to the company in his role with NWBL”
Marcus Sutcliffe
Airport Footprints Limite

“Hi Martin,
Thanks for your visit to Attwater and advice. It’s good to come across someone every once in a while who knows the markets and who knows exactly what they are talking about. Thanks for your invaluable advice”
Tom Eland
Technical Director
Attwater Group

” Martin has been a pleasure to work with for all these years and has given a great boost to our business”
Chris Hart

“Chevron Technical Services has enjoyed working with Martin Hyman in his role as our Regional Business Advisor for the Aerospace Sector. Martin’s knowledge of the Aerospace Sector has been a valuable part of the Companies growth, and this has contributed to new business opportunities whilst securing the current work force and creating new job vacancies.”
Neil Morris
Managing Director
Chevron Technical Services Ltd

“Mr Martin Hyman, as our Regional Business Advisor, has been of great assistance to our growing Company. He has assisted in drawing our attention to our attention to those areas needing support and at the same time highlighting our strengths. Business needs a professional and balanced overview and this he presented with the correct measure of thought. We wish Mr Hyman success in the future and only wish that there were more individuals like him in the Corporate market place.”
Kindest regards,
Tim Akeroyd
Managing director
Cirrus (GB) Ltd

“We have enjoyed working with Martin Hyman in his role as our Regional Business Adviser for the Aerospace Sector because his background and knowledge in sector has provided us with alternative methods of attaining information not widely available in the public domain”
David Moss, FREC, Cert RP, ACMI
Operations Director
CTS Worldwide Resources Ltd

“We have enjoyed working with Martin Hyman in his role as our Regional Business Adviser for the Aerospace Sector because his experience and contacts have aided our understanding of this sector.”
Simon James
Business Development Manager
EDM Limited

“It is with great regret that the end is nigh for the cluster project. Over the years the help and assistance given to HMG has assisted us to remain at the forefront of our industry. A new set of eyes looking inwards as well as outwards has shed a new light on our industry and has allowed us to see opportunities away from our traditional markets.”
John Fenton, International Business Development Manager
HMG Paints, UK
Titan HMG, India

“Dear Martin;
I wanted to thank you for all your help over the last eighteen months and all your excellent ideas and thoughts on how we take our Company forwards and improve our efficiency and processes.

As you are aware we have implemented many of your suggestions and will be looking to work our way through the rest of the projects as time permits.

I feel that the work you have done under the Regional Business Advisor Project has been extremely beneficial to the Company and staff of Hurst Green Plastics and that can be seen in the improving performance of Company figures over the period of your involvement.

As you know the work is never done but you leave a legacy of sustainable improvement and a quota of targets for us to work towards in the future.

On a personal note I will miss your challenging programmes and gentle bullying towards achieving set targets.”
All Best Wishes
Stephen Clarke
Managing Director.
Hurst Green Plastics Limited

“Martin Hyman has contributed to our Aerospace Sector Business by advising us on various issues pertinent to the sector. I have always found him knowledgeable and very keen to offer his broad experience in any way possible.

I know his help will be missed at our company , and I sure he will be missed within the North West. The NWDA has lost a vital link within the Aerospace Industry.”
Nigel Bradley
Managing Director
John Bradley Group

“Time and again, Martin has helped produce outstanding results while also providing solid advice which is transforming our Northern Industrial Electronics”
David J Lenehan

8th of June 2008

“Our Regional Business Advisor, Martin Hyman has helped the development of our Aerospace business by guiding us through the process to obtain grant assistance for our capital investment programme.”
Keith Hindle
Silcoms Ltd.
10th June 08